Al-Ghazi – Explains His “Dear Jesus” Track

Al-Ghazi - Explains His "Dear Jesus" Track

Cleveland, Ohio rapper Al-Ghazi (formerly known as Controversy) presents the music video for “Dear Jesus”, his new single produced by Keezy. Al-Ghazi has two full-lengths planned for 2015, the Chosen EP and Indian. “I went through high school without any friends so I always had space to think, resulting in my mind being developed at the age of 21 with an outlook on making an impact on this world through the most common ground we have here – music,” says Al-Ghazi. Of the new track he says it “touches base on what mankind has done to himself. Most people feel that money is the most powerful material in this world. It’s not. It’s man.”

SFHH: What’s the first rap song you ever heard and where were you? What were you doing? How did it affect you?

AG: T.I., “You Don’t Know Me”. I was in my room watching TV and slipped to MTV and it was the second verse. I was compelled by the power he had in one video. I wanted it. I wanted to control movements and make them the forefront.

SFHH: What’s your favorite rap album of all time and why?

AG: I would have to say Drake’s Take Care. It has so much, from the message and stories to the quality of the music. The most creative rap album next to my number 2 which is Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak, which was also an amazing album with deep messages in it. 

SFHH: How did you go about writing “Dear Jesus”?

AG: I was mad. Just tired of the things that were happening in this world. I was listening to the Quran and God was talking about Jesus. About how he will have his time to speak on the day of resurrection. Not just the resurrection of him, but the resurrection of mankind as a whole. Adam, Abraham, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, and the rest of mankind. So I wanted to warn the world on what they are doing to each other.

SFHH: Are you working on an album? What can you tell us?

AG: Yes. Chosen. I’m actually in the middle of a studio session right now. It’s going to be as if you’re watching a movie. Suspenseful, deep, with hidden messages. 

SFHH: What’s your favorite non-rap album of all time and why?

AG: Sade, Promise. She is such a beautiful person with a peaceful, yet powerful voice. I’m always in awe with how strong her grasp with music is and how much control she has over her voice. My favorite artist of all time no matter what the genre.

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