JP ONE – Talks 9 Year Bid & Upcoming Single

JP ONE - Talks 9 Year Bid & Upcoming Single

Detroit lyricist and Gifted & Talented, LLC. founder and CEO, JP ONE (short for Jackpot Tha Chosen One) presents the B. Hughes-directed music video for “Win or Lose”, the BJ Gates-produced lead single from Fire & Brimstone, his forthcoming project featuring Boldy James, Chel Strong, Pierre Anthony, Nep Jennings, Street Pacino, Motivation, Gain Green, and Rail Fresh. The production on the first installment of a trilogy set to be released this year is largely handled by his personal DJ/Producer, Pig Pen, but BJ Gates, Flamin Lacez, and SPC Productions also lend a hand. Following the death of his father at five months, JP spent most of his childhood in foster homes and juveniles. In his early teens, he was signed to Motown legend Barrett Strong’s Blarritt Records, but soon after found himself facing a nine-year armed robbery conviction. He released a mixtape exactly four weeks after his release. Three years later, he has several mixtapes under his belt, including Gifted & Talented (listen on Audiomack) and I Am Legend (listen on Audiomack). He was recently nominated for Best Hip-Hop Artist at the Detroit Underground Hip-Hop Awards, while Gifted & Talented was nominated for best full-length project. According to JP, “‘Win or Lose’ is all about doing what you have to do to reach your goals. Most people have no real aspirations in life, so they will shoot your dreams down. They don’t believe it until they see it. If you spend your whole life worrying about what other people think, you will never reach your full potential, because people are going to hate you if you win and hate you if you lose, so it’s best to do what you gotta do.” Fire & Brimstone drops March 9th on Gifted & Talented, LLC.

SFHH: In what ways do you think your nine-year bid most changed you?

JP ONE: My bid changed me most by teaching me patience. Sometimes, in prison, you have to order store and wait two weeks just to get something that you may have needed right then. Prison also made me want me to be in control of my own destiny. Having someone else tell you when it’s time to eat or turn your power off will make you never want to answer to anyone again.


SFHH: In what ways do you think the people around you have also changed during that time?

JP ONE: The people around me changed a lot, too. They grew older and had kids. Some of them grew less ambitious and more content with a regular nine-to-five. When you have dreams and goals that you never reach, you start to dream and make goals a lot less. I still have the ambition of a 18 or 19-year-old who feels like the world is my oyster. Most people have just about conceded at age 30. 

SFHH: What has been the overall reaction to “Win or Lose”?JP ONE - Talks 9 Year Bid & Upcoming Single

JP ONE: There has been a great overall reaction to “Win or Lose”. It has done exactly what I needed it to do, which was anchor the trilogy and make the transition.

SFHH: What’s your next single all about?

JP ONE: My next single is “City Under Siege” and it features Boldy James. The song is all about doing things my way and taking over the city with a whole new attitude. Most of the movers and shakers in and around Detroit are promoting one style of music and I am somewhere near the other end of the spectrum. I receive a lot of resistance, but I’m breaking a lot of barriers here. I’m only a couple moves away from changing the whole landscape here. Then we can have the type of movement that other big cities like Atlanta or Miami have had. 

SFHH: What’s one song that’s not yours that you’ve been playing a lot lately? What do you like about it?

JP ONE: Joe Budden featuring Emany, “Only Human”. It is a brilliant display in introspection. I like songs that lay it all on the line. Most artists act like superheroes and I understand that it’s nothing like that. We have real life problems and issues that we deal with every day. Joe Budden is one of my favorite artists, because he’s not afraid to tell the truth, even it makes him look weak. I love the whole album, but that song is dope as hell to me. 

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