Seouless – Talks Favorite Rapper, Being An Asian Rapper & More

Soeuless - Talks Favorite Rapper, Being An Asian Rapper & More

Korean-born, Los Angeles-bred rapper Seouless recently released the Pierre Fresh-directed music video for “Xxplosive”, his song over the Dr. Dre classic of the same name. Seouless was featured on All About The Business, the 2009 mixtape from his younger brother Blue Dream. 

“When Chronic 2001 came out, I was a naive seventh-grader who knew nothing about life, but thought I knew better,” says Seouless about the track.  Also in the works from Seouless is a KPOP project produced by producer Jimnaze.

We were able to catch up the Seouless and ask him a few questions. Below is what we found out about him.

SFHH: Who’s your favorite rapper in the game right now and why?

Seouless: My favorite rapper besides myself would have to be Nipsey Hussle. He isn’t the most lyrical, or doesn’t create music for the radio, but I respect him for the business moves he makes on behalf of his music. For example, his proud2pay movement, he already sold 1000 free mixtapes for $100 each, and is currently selling 100 free mixtapes for $1000. He is ahead of the curve in his business sense, running his own company instead of being a pawn.

SFHH: How do you think being Asian affects the way listeners approach your music?

Seouless: Half the people that listen to my music without seeing any visuals are pleasantly surprised when they find out I’m Korean. I think being Korean, people expect me to be an example of the model minority. However, I am a product of my environment, heavily influenced by my upbringing in Los Angeles. I don’t think being Korean effects how people listen to my music, however the higher powers who control the airwaves and such probably stereotype me because of my ethnicity.

“I was on a plane in early 2014, on a flight to the east coast. I had Chronic 2001playing out of my headphones, and when “Xxplosive” came on, it all hit me. I was reminiscing about my childhood and where I was at that current stage of my life. I wrote the song on my five-and-a-half hour flight, and recorded it as soon as I got back into Los Angeles, which was literally a day later.”

SFHH: How do you feel the sound of Hip Hop is evolving? In what direction?

Seouless: Music in general is always changing. Hip-Hop, just like music is always evolving. There is a lot of EDM, Hip-Hop mashups, and a lot of electro influences in production. However, I feel like the West coast artists are going back to the roots, and making music from the heart, instead of trying to make that hit single.

SFHH: Do you know if Dr. Dre has heard your version of “Xxplosive”? What do you think he might say?

Seouless: I doubt he heard my version of “Xxplosive”, but if someone played it for him I think he would respect it. I’m a Los Angeles native, and talk about real life in my music. However, I don’t need his co-sign to keep pushing the Heavy Hustle movement. I respect Dre to the fullest because he came from Compton, CA to becoming the first billionaire in Hip-Hop. I got to salute that.

SFHH: Do have any people you you want to shoutout?

Seouless: Shoutout to my younger bro Blue Dream, my DJ, DJ 1Mor, the homie Glasses Malone, my producer JimNaze, and the homie Kevin McCall.

Seouless is currently working on his solo project with his debut mixtape “No Day’s Off” scheduled to be released soon. Following “No Days Off” Seouless is scheduled to release a KPOP project produced by top 100 billboard producer, Jim Naze.

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