OZ – Talks About His New Song “Came Up” & More

OZ answers a few questions for SpitFireHipHop.

OZ - Talks About His New Song "Came Up" & More

Pakistani-American rapper OZ presents his new single “Came Up”, produced by D Phelps, who recently produced “U Mad” for Vic Mensa and featuring Chicago rapper BK Bambino, who Rolling Stone named a Top 10 Artist You Need To Know. Hailing from Carol Stream, Illinois, OZ recently signed with Life In Motion Entertainment. “‘Came Up’ is my announcement to everyone that I have arrived, and am officially here to stay in the rap game,” says OZ. “Basically showing everyone not to sleep on me, and that I shouldn’t be taken lightly. I’m focused on moving forward, and I am ready for any obstacles ahead.”


SFHH: What made you decide to be a rapper?

OZ: I wanted to be a rapper since grade school. I would try to emulate the rappers that were big at the time. I remember in 6th grade when Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” came out was when I first started mimicking rappers and fell in love with it. It was when I first heard Drake that I really wanted to become a rapper because he created a new lane and there was no one like him. Everything he dropped was fire! So my freshman year of high school I started writing songs and rapping them, and when I got positive feedback from people around me I decided to start taking it a little more seriously.

SFHH: What makes you stand out from the other rappers?

OZ: The main thing that makes me stand out from other rappers is my look. No one has really seen a rapper that looks like me with a sound that I have. Don’t let the pretty boy look fool you. I can go bar for bar with anyone and hold my own on any verse. I appeal to a lot OZ - Talks About His New Song Came Up & More 2vof different people.

SFHH: What’s your favorite album of all time and why?

OZ: I have many favorite albums, but my all-time favorite would have to be J. Cole’s2014 Forest Hills Drive because of how he told his whole life story within an album and had no features on it and was still able to go platinum. It was an inspiration to me and a challenge to get better so I can make music that is high quality.

 OZ – Talks About His New Song Came Up & More 2


SFHH: How did you come up with your song “Came Up”?

OZ: When writing “Came Up”, I wanted to make a statement by saying no one should sleep on me in the rap game. I’ve come a long way from being the kid in the basement who got no recognition for what I was doing. I am gonna be a rapper until the day I die even if i dont make any money from it because this is my passion. Nothing is gonna stop me from taking over. Believe that.

SFHH: What’s a life motto you try to live by.

OZ: Work for what I want. and take what I deserve.

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