Floyd Mayweather – Wants Eminem To Perform At Last Fight

Floyd Mayweather wants to go out with a bang in his last fight.

Two weeks after claiming a triumphant 48th victory over Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather conducted his first third party interview with none other than Shade 45‘s DJ Whoo Kid. Right off the bat Floyd claims there won’t be a re-match, simply for Manny lying about a rotator cuff tear. Because of this, he feels as if Manny was a sore loser. Floyd also dug deep into the financial aspect of the fight, dubbed the Fight of the Century, saying that between merchandising, International TV streams, sponsorships, and the fight pay-check there is an upwards of $700 million made.

When asked if he’s going to break Rocky Marciano’s record of 49-0, he doesn’t know at this point whether or not there will be a 50th fight. There’s one fight left in his contract with Showtime, but other than that he’s still uncertain. He did say though that his last fight will be triumphant, everyone responsible for the success in his career will be in attendance. And who will be performing at that last fight? Floyd said that he would love to have Eminem perform.

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