Fong-Sai-U – Discusses His Upcoming Album, Guru & His Days In Battle Rap

Fong-Sai-U talks about his upcoming album & his relationship with The Roots.

Fong-Sai-U has a new album that is scheduled to drop in June. We were able to get his thoughts on a few things and learned a little more about the FONG-SAI-SFHH-Interviewveteran MC.

SFHH: For those who may not know, you Guru had a good relationship. How did that come about?

FSU: On the Okay Player Tour in 2000 we became cool. RU was still drinking then so he was like my drinking buddy but he would give me a lot of jewels. So when we came back of road I started to go up New York a lot and just hang with him. Around that time he was recording The Bald Head Slick album so everybody would be in studio from Ice T to Tephlon from MOP. Matter of fact, Teph is on the beat I did OG Talk for the album. That was my first production credit that man put me in the world, gave me a chance and for that i will all ways honor his legacy. I miss him some days he would always be like { OH BOY} when he seen something funny. I kept that song we done together in the volt for years and now it’s time to share it to the world u no.

SFHH: We know you did some battle rap for a while. Do you ever wish you stayed in battle rap with the amount of money in those circles?

FSU: Hell no (LOL)!  When I did it, you would freestyle of the dome not spit no dam written raps. You MEMORIZE… what’s the skill in that? It’s more entertainment now if someone want to try me, be my guess, but it’s your funeral. I had to battle to eat, sometime so I would not lose. I still respect the art and cats that came up in this shit and i had a chance to cipher with some of the greats. Me and proof went at it at the source battle in New York. He won but just to have that opportunity me and old dirty at the Howard Hotel… now it’s a book store but i seen some niggaz go crazy off the dome. if getting money for spitting written raps is your thing do it, shit u feeding your family from that shit i  knock  no one hustle. 

SFHH: Do you still keep up with what’s going on in battle rap? Who do you like, if so?

FSU: Here and there but I mess with Murder Mook and this girl from Philly name Nina Ross. But as far as sitting and know who doing what nope (lol). It’syo u have a lot of people putting on battles now they see Smack getting that paper it’s crazy. I be seeing crazy advertisements but I can’t say I be tuning in my G.

SFHH: You produce many of the tracks you spit on. Did producing tracks happen out of a necessity or something you planned to do?

FSU: Man when I first started I had a group and my partner was doing the beats. He got hooked on crack and left and I was like okay so I got me a MPC… and the rest was history. I never used to rap on anybody else’s beat from day one; not saying I wouldn’t but you have to have a beat that I couldn’t do or one better than mine. And in my life time that’s been rare. If I need a trap beat, I get my lil cuz Jusheat; we have a production team called {d-symphony}… but I’m going to start doing more production for artists. To this date, the only people I gave beats to was Black Thought and Guru but I enjoy making beats.

SFHH: You have collaborated with a few artists. Which artist did you enjoy working with?

FSU: I enjoyed everyone cause everybody I have grown up with argues with’s like family on this album. Maybe on my second one I’ll reach out to people. I don’t know on this one I wanted it to be just them cause every song was created at a different period of my life. I knew Black Thought for 25 years and Dice since he was 15, those my brothers and Res is like my sister. I would war with any one saying something bad about them even down to Questlove and we don’t see eye to eye but that’s family. The Roots have they lane and I have mine but at the end of the day, I would of never seen the world if it wasn’t for them so this album is all fam.

SFHH: What is your process when selecting an artist to collaborate with?

FSU: If they dope.  It’s a lot of underrated artist I see I want to work with. A lot of cats be having egos and there some shit…. I’m not paying you to spit hot garbage because of your name. I like humble cats not niggaz that think taking other people styles and building your career off a lie is cool. We in an era were you can rap a lie and become popular. You have a million in one rappers with keys and stash houses on every song, like we in Columbia, and these niggaz never seen a gram.. let alone a key. That’s why I love my city, we don’t talk about it we do it. So I’m very particular on who I rock with. Don’t get me wrong, I like some niggaz that talk cause I no they did it ya know.

SFHH: You produced the track “Dopamine” which features Dice Raw. What was the process in producing this and why did you select Dice Raw? 

FSU: Well me and Dice did that right before The Roots jam session a while back but we was planning it for a minute. I’m on the West now so it ain’t that easy to link and I like to be in the studio with the artist. The only person I wasn’t there with was Res on my album when I did that beat, he was the first thing that came to mind. I always be trying to get him on that clones shit so I wanted him on that beat. It was hard as shit and to me, Dice is ill… I feel like he is underrated but he the truth when he want to be.

Fong-Sai-U Bad GuySFHH: We recently featured your new single, “Jack Sparrow” on the site. What was is like putting that together?

FSU: Yeah man everybody has a jack sparrow in them. That’s that dude that don’t give a fuck… on there I had to express my views. You can rap all day, it don’t make you a MC. You know it’s a lot of corny shit that get passes and no one addressees it cause everybody skipping around trying to get you in the club every day and that’s not reality. Cats beef on twitter… what OG does that… so I made a beat that spoke to me and hopefully it will to someone else.

SFHH: You are currently finishing the upcoming album “Ballads of A Massacre”. When can we expect the new album?

FSU: June 23! The pre order is already up on iTunes… but it bangs from front to back… that raw gritty sound that cats lost. I wanted to make a body of work that you don’t have to rewind, you know.

SFHH: Can you tell us how many tracks are on the album and how many of those you produced?

FSU: There are 19 tracks and I produce the whole album. After I made it I live with it a year before throwing it out you know… I had to sense… I did all the production.

SFHH: Who did you collaborate with on “Ballada of A Massacre”?

FSU: Res, Guru, Black Thought and Dice Raw

SFHH: You’re a D.C. dude. Are your routing for the Wizards in the NBA playoffs?

FSU: Yeah man we need that… been a minute… it will be a real good look for our city foreal… if we get there real shit.

SFHH: What are your thoughts on the unrest in cities like Baltimore, which is close to your hometown?

FSU: Man it killed me cause I no people there but I feel like if they didn’t riot nothing would of been done with urgency. What I hate is the people that don’t stand for shit any other day, but if they looting they do.  I just hope they get their just do

SFHH: Where can people reach you online?

Facebook,  TWITTER, INSTAGRAM: FONG76 and on Vine: Fongsaiu


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