Snoop Dogg – Discusses His Feelings About Suge Knight With DJ Whoo Kid

Snoop Dogg talks to DJ Whoo Kid about Floyd Mayweather and Suge Knight.

This weekend Snoop Dogg stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s The Whoolywood Shuffle on Shade 45 in promotion of his Album Bush. The 20-minute video definitely has its fair share of gems. Whoo Kid kicks it off by asking Snoop’s opinion on Suge Knight, and his response was definitely unexpected. Snoop feels bad for Suge, a man who made Snoop millions and also formed an iron-clad murder defense for him in 1996.

Next up in the barrage of questioning, Whoo Kid as well as the Fans wanted to know if Snoop was happy with Keith Stanfield playing his role in Straight Outta Compton. Nipsey Hussle would’ve fit the role perfectly Snoop said, but he’s happy with the way Keith had portrayed it. He feels for Nipsey though, especially since he asked him personally to fill the role. But at the end of the day he understands with Nip is coming from, by not wanting to be in Snoop’s shadow. It’s about laying your own blueprint, so he’s not mad and Nip.

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