Trundeed – Talks New Single “1 Night Stand”

TrUNdeed takes a few minutes to answer a few questions for SpitFireHipHop.

Trundeed – Talks New Single "1 Night Stand"Oakland-bred, Connecticut-based rapper TrUNDeed presents “1 Night Stand”, the CMT-produced new single from From The Bay To CT, his forthcoming album featuring Mistah F.A.B., Chris Webby, A-Nice, The Prestigious One, Digital Beatz, Flylife, DreamLife, Artist is, Jitta On The Track, The Prestigious One, Ace is Working, Sanara, Natasha Ramos, Royal, Ru Williams, Casanova Mills and Jus L. Hailing from a musical family, Tru’s cousin Adriana Evans was signed to Virgin Records, and Tru dropped his debut album Live And Direct in 2000. “I wrote this song about a typical club night where you just want to go have fun and maybe just maybe take a girl home without any strings attached,” says Tru. From The Bay To CT drops August 4.

SFHH: How did you get your name?

TrUNdeed: Back in the day I used to rush home to watch Rap City – The Basement, when Joe Clair was hosting. I was about 15 and at the time I needed a rap name – something that was catchy and Joe Clair used to always say all the time “true indeed, true indeed” and that just stuck in my head so I decided to go with that. Later in my career I started to form my style around my name just staying true to what I talk about so the name came full circle.

SFHH: What inspired you to become a rapper?

TrUNdeed: It’s funny because when I was in 6th grade my class had to do a drug awareness campaign and my teacher asked me and one of my friends if we can write a Just Say No rap. I had no idea how to rap or even write one. So I went home and tried to make every word rhyme and to my surprise I actually came up with a hot 16 – at least in my mind – and we had to perform it on camera the next day, so I did and everyone loved it and from that day I was hooked on writing, rapping about anything I could think of. So I guess a star was born.

SFHH: What’s the first rap song you ever heard? Where were you? What were you doing? How did it affect you?

TrUNdeed: I can’t really say what’s the first rap song I’ve ever heard but I can talk about the first song that caught my attention: “Life Is… Too Short” by the legendary Oakland rapper Todd Shaw aka Too Short. I was at home just getting home from school and the first thing I would do Is turn on my TV and watch Rap City, even before I did my homework. And this video came on and they said the rapper was from Oakland, the same place I was living. So already it got my attention. And the beat came on and what he was saying I was like “Man, I want to rap like that”. He said this line that stayed in my head forever: “8 years on the mic and I’m not joking / Sir Too Short coming straight from Oakland California” and that was it. I knew this is what I wanted to do.

SFHH: What are the primary differences between the west and east coasts in your eyes?

TrUNdeed: I feel like the only difference between west and east is just the culture of the land. The majority of rappers rap about what they see growing up, what they’re around every day. And believe me, the scene are totally different. Now that I’ve been on both sides I can truly say that both sides have their own swag. But that’s what’s makes hip hop so unique, because we can take a culture that’s 3000 miles away and bridge them together.

SFHH: How did “1 Night Stand” come together?

TrUNdeed: Well I reached out to the legendary producer CMT from Oakland, California, and told him I was working on this album called From The Bay 2 CT and said I needed to get some heat rocks from him. So to my surprise he hoped on a flight to Connecticut. As soon as he got here I picked him up from his hotel and we went to go get some banging seafood from this crab spot called J’s Crab Shack in Hartford CT, which he loved. After our bellies got full we headed to the studio and the first thing he said to me when we got there was “Wait til you hear what I made for you”. He put that beat on and it was exactly what I needed to fit the album. I was honored that I was getting some heat from one of the best producers that had came from Oakland. “1 Night Stand” came to mind because I felt like it was a topic that needed a voice every guy thinks about at the club and it’s like a unspoken topic to go out, have fun, leave home with a girl, do what you do, and be like “I see you” when I see you… ha ha.

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