Wiz Khalifa – Addresses Stolen Rolex, Squashing Kanye Beef & More With DJ Whoo Kid

Wiz Khalifa sits down with DJ Whoo Kid and talks about his many hits.

DJ Whoo Kid recently sat down with Wiz Khalifa over the weekend on his Shade 45 show, “The Whoolywood Shuffle.”  Wiz addresses the stolen Rolex situation down in Brazil, how the Kanye situation got squashed, and hollers at Halle Berry to smoke weed with him.  He also admits that when him and Travis Scott recorded “Bake Sale”, that Travis sacrilegiously put the KK in a blunt instead of rolling papers but let it slide.
The funniest part of the whole interview was when Khalifa and his manager Will got locked up.  He said Will was bugging out and he [Wiz] smacked him and told him to chill out.

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