Joy Villa Says 21 Savage Was Sloppy And It Was Stupid On His Part

Joy Villa Says 21 Savage was sloppy it terms of his citizenship status.

Joy Villa was on The Domenick Nati Show on Tuesday. Here is what was discussed.

Many Black people are attacking Joy because of her support of the current President. She is getting backlash for supporting what many Black people consider a racist President. She has this to say about that, “I’m proud that my Black and Latino cousins have jobs under Trump when they did not have jobs under Obama.”

She continued with “Trump is supporting Black and Latino Americans… Trump is not racist at all!”

Domenick asked her how she was going to getting into the Grammys. She had a pretty “Black” response that was funny. She said “How did I get in the Grammy’s? I’m a very successful recording artist. If I was Liberal I would be on every music magazine cover.”

Joy says she has received several death threats for supporting Trump and has to have armed guards everywhere she goes. She says that “Blackface’ is historically offensive. She thinks that “Blackface” in the context of everything going on is a “minor thing.”

She was asked about 21 Savage’s current citizenship situation, she called him sloppy. Wait until you hear what she says about Black People and slavery.

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