Mathew Knowles Said Kobe Asked Him For A Front Row Seat To Beyoncé So He Could Watch Greatness

Mathew Knowles was on The Domenick Nati Show today and had a few things to share about Kobe Bryant.

The entire sports world continues to mourn the sudden passing of Kobe Bryant. Mr. Knowles, the father of Beyoncé recalls a Kobe Bryant story. He when Kobe was 22 years old he asked him for one front row ticket to see Beyoncé in concert. Mr. Knowles asked Kobe why he wanted to come and Kobe replied, “I wanted to watch greatness because I know I would learn from it.”

Many people have always wondered why Solange was a never a member of Destiny’s Child. Mr. Knowles says he always wanted Solange to be in Destiny’s Child when she was 15 years old but she didn’t want to be in the group. Mr. Knowles says this the reason Solange titled her first album “Solo Star.”

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