Endemic Emerald Discusses New Album “The Virux” & Says He Had Only One Plan

Endemic Emerald Discusses New Album 'The Virux' & Says He Had Only One Plan

Endemic Emerald Discusses New Album ‘The Virux’ & Says He Had Only One Plan

When Endemic Emerald arrived to the United States he had only one plan, and that plan was that there was no plan. He hit the ground running and began connecting with a number of artists in the mecca of Hip-Hop. He tells the story of how his name came about. Originally his name was just Endemic until he was building with Sunz Of Man Hell Razah added the “Emerald” to his name.

Endemic Emerald Sets Out To Cure The Planet With “The Virux” LP

Endemic has been able to rub elbows with some of the most recognized crews in Hip-Hop. He has been able to produce music for members of Wu-Tang Clan and the Boot Camp Clik. Endemic expressed to us that he had only one plan when arrived to New York. He told us that his only plan was that he had no plan. That is different than what many people say to do. They say if you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail.

Endemic recently released his new album, The Virux a few weeks ago. The album consists of 11 tracks that do not stray away from the essence of Hip-Hop. What you will hear on the album are tracks that give you that spirit of the golden era of Hip-Hop. The album features Planet Asia, General Steele, Royal Flush, Chris Rivers, Sadat X, Tragedy Khadafi, Rustee Juxx and more.

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