Shottie Talks Miami Hip-Hop, Moskvitch 3 EP & Screen Writing

Shottie is more than an emcee, he is a screen writer, and comic book writer among other things.

Shottie allowed us to ask him a few questions and let us into his world. Outside of being a real emcee, Shottie is a screen writer, a comic book writer, and a host of his own podcast (Human Sushi). Shottie took some time away from music because he was a little heartbroken as a result of not breaking although he is a real emcee. He talks about his and TeV95’s trilogy called “Moskvitch.”

Shottie & TEV95 Release Their New Single, “Kendall Drive”

Shottie and TeV95 have dropped parts 1 and 2 already, and will drop part 3 this month. Getting to knew Shottie for us was really cool. It is good to see the many facets that are part of who he is. Hip-Hop in Miami appears to be in good hands with Shottie, 8ch2o, and others who are putting things together currently.

Shottie says he is more about the process and no longer concerns himself with the results, which has renewed his fire. He has been inspired lately and believes being an emcee is something that he needs to do. He has self-published a comic book called “Popova” which is about a group of abused women who band together and turn the table on their abusers. Be sure to check out the comic book on Watch the video below and get to know who Shottie is.

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