Penelope Wants Her Music To Help People To Feel Again

Penelope Wants Her Music To Help People Feel Again

Penelope gives encouragement to those who may be afraid to step out in faith and chase their dreams.

Penelope hopes her music will help people to feel again. The Baton Rouge, LA native now living in New Jersey wants to sensitize people with every word that she sings. We have all been dehumanized by the content that we see on social media today, but after hearing Penelope sing, we hope that will change.

She tells us how she got started in music and ultimately how she landed with her record label, ThatHUBBLife ENT. ThatHUBBLife ENT has change her life and she has not looked back since. The Louisiana native and soon to be mother of two is all about family. Penelope was gushing when she spoke about her mother’s business in Houston. If you are in the Houston area be sure to stop by Yams Cafe. She is really excited for her mother’s success.

Penelope recently released a single titled “First Step” (listen below) that we thing everyone should listen to. It is a song that encourages people to follow your dreams, to walk out on faith and make it happen. Follow your dreams and not your fears.

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