Jung Youth – Yada Yada

Nashville rapper Jung Youth presents “Yada Yada”, his new album produced entirely by Central Parks, a Tennessee-based producer on the roster of Los Angeles label Cold Busted who also produced Jung Youth’s previous EP Duende. He also provided the soundtrack for Monday Night Freestyles, a weekly web series with Jung Youth centered around freestyles and football.

Jung Youth is a Red Bull Sound Select Artist and has shared stages with Mobb Deep and Juicy J. “With Yada Yada, Central Parks and I wanted to come straight out the gate and establish that we both take our crafts very seriously,” Jung Youth says.

“I noticed that a lot of my favorite beats from him had these gritty and dark, entrancing vibes, and I couldn’t help but start rapping r-rated rhymes all over them like a jaded millennial idealist without any more f–ks to give. Some of the brashly sarcastic stuff was so off the wall that we would laugh, but there were also many moments of harsh realization and lucidity that created a fine balance of both arrogant and aspirational. We recorded all 17 of the project’s tracks in one sitting and it just all blended together organically. At the end of the day I would say it is appropriate to call Yada Yada a concept album–we worked very hard to tell this story while simultaneously paying homage and having fun in the process.”

Jung Youth - Yada Yada

Jung Youth - Yada Yada

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