Jake Kost – Stadtluft Macht Frei LP

Jake Kost releases this throwback to some classic underground Hip Hop album titled “Stadtluft Macht Frei”.

Today the Portland artist drops off his long awaited album, Stadtluft Macht Frei – ten tracks deep also featuring El Ay, Michael Zoah, and Denzel Ryley. Stadtluft Macht Frei is German for “the city air makes you free” and is a fitting title as Kost’s new project is defintely a breath of fresh air in today’s rap climate. Laced with jazzy samples, beat break drums, and soul infused production, this project is definitely an underground gem in the making.

Jake Kost takes the listener on a journey with every song, flexing his abstract wordplay and vivid lyrics making the entire affair feel like a mid-90’s house party. Kost seems to pick up momentum throughout the entirety of the album, getting better and better as the project progresses. Roll one up and take your time with this one, it deserves your attention.

Jake Kost - Stadtluft Macht Frei LP

Yoel Molina Law

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