Trizz – Ashes N Dust (LP)

Trizz - Ashes N Dust (LP)

Trizz drops off his new ‘Ashes N Dust’ LP.

“I believe in the afterlife, hell and heaven, demons and angels. The horror in my music comes from a real place including things I’ve seen as well as nightmares and visions I have had.” While currently only in his mid-twenties the Inland Empire/Los Angeles rapper known as Trizz has come to be viewed as the dark horseman of Hip-Hop for almost a decade at this point.

In addition to “Case 17”, the partnership between AC3 and Trizz has yielded much macabre fruit, including 2016’s full-length album “LeatherFace 2” (on which AC3 produced eight of the album’s ten tracks). Now following up on that sonically dank masterpiece the duo has announced a new full-length together, “Ashes N Dust” dropped today, December 15th via Below System Records. Self-described as a suburban horror flick on tape, Trizz explains “the town I come from looks beautiful but it holds dark secrets. At night, all hell breaks loose and goes undocumented. Ashes N Dust contains the lost files with everything you need to know about where I come from.”

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