Alpha x Scorcese – A World Only Gods Know

Alpha x Scorcese - A World Only Gods Know

Alpha x Scorcese return with their new album titled ‘A World Only Gods Know’.

Imagine Organized Noize produced a film score with No I.D at N.O. Joe’s studio while Kid Cudi was Visiting. Now combine that with an East Coast born emcee steeped in Southern influence with lyrical prowess reminiscent of Goodie Mob and Beanie Sigel with the attitude of Pimp C and excitement of a Cash Money Millionaire.

ALPHA DAVIS lays classic jazz, funk, blues and rock elements laced with spacious synths and fearless grooves that offer SCORCESE SHELLS’ lyrically complex, meticulous delivery a fitting home. A World Only Gods Know transitions between intense lyrical peaks atop a controlled chaos of electric guitars and hauntingly tranquil flows backed by smooth saxaphone with ease, creating a sound that pays homage to all the fundamentals of hip-hop music.

Lyrical beasts including BIGSPITGAME, Brian Ennals, Sir Michael Rocks, Juspaul, Vodka, Sandman, Pastor Troy, Big Rube and Killer Mike offer face melting, relentless rhymes and sultry vocals that propel ALPHA X SCORCESE‘S musical journey to timeless levels of creative greatness. Listen to ‘A World Only Gods Know‘ below.

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