GeneralBackPain Releases New “Cumulus” Album

GeneralBackPain is back with this new album he calls “Cumulus.”

GeneralBackPain is one of those artists that as soon as you hear his voice, you pause. His voice captures you and commands your attention. Today he is back with this new “Cumulus” album.

Cumulus” clouds are white clouds that have a cotton wool-like appearance, and are generally associated with fair weather. However, large cumulus clouds that billow to higher levels can produce rain showers.

Just as clouds tell a story, GeneralBackPain has his own story. That story may sometimes produce rain for those who oppose him. The album was produced by Tone Beatz and features his Hometeam brothers Killy shoot, Deuce Hennessy, Charlie Chan, and Lupus Dei.

Yoel Molina Law

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