Steve Austin and The Bioniq Brass Band Take Us To The Streets On “Head of the Street” LP

Steve Austin and The Bioniq Brass Band - Head of the Street

The amazing and creative brass band Steve Austin and The Bioniq Brass Band just released their new album, “Head of the Street,” to wide acclaim. The group is one of the most widely followed brass bands in the United States and for a good reason.

They are extremely talented and have an incredible leader at the helm. Steve Austin helps to put a modern and dope twist on contemporary brass band music. Heavy on the fusion of brass and percussion and mixed with the call and response so well known in New Orleans culture, the group’s art is memorable and some of the best brass music out. Their “Head of the Street” album contains some unforgettable tracks such as DJ favorite “It’s Hard Not To Like You”, to “Cut They Head Off”, the band incites some epic footwork, whether they are playing a corporate event or large festival. They also temper their music with some Hip-Hop.

Steve Austin and The Bioniq Brass Band are steeped in the cultural tides of New Orleans soul and brass tradition. Steve’s goal is to create movement and feeling in the hearts of the band’s listeners. They have shared stages with The Stooges Brass Band, Mystikal, Big Ass Brass Band, Revelers Hall Band, Mississippi Bastard Project, Terence Bradford and Congo Square, and countless others. Their commanding presence captures audiences and makes for an unrivaled performance.

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