Tamara Bubble Releases New “Your Favorite Rapper Is A Girl 3” Album

Tamara Bubble - Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl 3 (LP)

Tamara Bubble returns with her new “Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl 3” album.

The 3 Peat Album is here and Bubble is applying pure pressure. We already know she’s your favorite, but press play for 12 more reasons … if you still need convincing.

Tamara Bubble recruited some of her favorite producers from across the globe for the 3 Peat project, but YFRIAG3 has a new comer ‘producer’ enlisted in the album credits. Yep, you guessed it, Tamara Bubble is now a producer and has produced 25% of this album. And if that’s not crazy enough, we think the record should actually be called ‘Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl PRODUCER and AUTHOR’ lol because Bubble recently released her debut book “FROM SYNC TO SUPERSTAR” detailing how she became both a producer and sync agent as well as her rise in the music game using music licensing as her primary strategy.

Listen to “Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl 3” below.

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