J French Is Giving “Good Karma” Vibes On New Album

J French - Good Karma

J French is back with his new album, “Good Karma.”

On the heels of presenting Tiffany Haddish the “Inspiration To Youth Award” for the 42nd Young Artist Academy Awards, Oklahoma City’s rap superstar J French returns with his new album Good Karma. Featuring the single “Narcissist“, Good Karma serves as the rapper’s fourth full-length album, following 2020’s JAGG. As his first album without profanity, Good Karma is the result of deep introspection and therapy. “I didn’t write one word on this album”, says French. “I freestyled everything. I also had a therapist the whole time to make sure my heart and mind were in the right place.” 

J French ft. Yella Beezy – Cut You Off

This album comes from a dark place. The pandemic and the state of the music industry that prioritizes money over talent and great art left me feeling dejected, slept on and overlooked. I wanted to quit, but I was also inspired by how my music seemed to touch people. That mixed bag was so fueling that I ignored everything around me and got to work. ‘Good Karma’ was made to inspire the creative side of everyone in spite of the allure of clout and capitalism. This album tells the story of an artist who gives themself to the world through their art. As a result of their benevolence, they’re blessed and get back what they gave. Thus, the creative process, for me, is about what you give more than what you get from it. I hope people hear this album and believe in themselves more; understand that they too can get out of a dark place by focusing on giving rather than receiving.” – J French 

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