Bogey Makes It Happen On “Less Talk More Action” Album

Bogey - Less Talk More Action (LP)

Bogey drops off his new album titled “Less Talk More Action.”

Bogey appears very familiar to people whether they know him or not. We think this is because of the way he puts his rhymes together, and he has a very familiar sounding voice. “Less Talk More Action” is the new album from Bogey. It is an 8 track album and is in the tradition fold of Hip-Hop.

Bogey Moves By “The Laws Of Nature” On New Single

On “Less Talk More Action” Bogey is not playing any games. He is in his bag and it is fully loaded with more similes and metaphors like an AP English class. The Black Bogard is waiting on his ship to come in so he can unload more of these rhymes for a wider audience. He is a double as he not only spits well, he always produces as well.

On “Less Talk More Action” he produced every track. If we did not know better, we think he can be a success at both. The universe has placed him in position to carry on his mission, he following his roots and he is making them proud. Listen to “Less Talk More Action” below and also check out his YouTube channel.

Yoel Molina Law

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