Wolffy Realizes & Overcomes Darkness With “Betrayal” Album Feat. Block McCloud, DJ Slipwax & More

Wolffy - Betrayal (LP)

Wolffy makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with his new “Betrayal” album.

Salem MA’s Wolffy grew up being one of those kids that had to learn everything the hard way but always had a passion for Hip Hop. Now older and wiser with a lot more scars, he has a story to tell. His latest album “Betrayal” is about realizing and overcoming the darkness. The 13-track project is mainly produced by DJ Slipwax but also features Silly Grinn and Mello Dee with additional vocals by Block McCloud.

“I can’t tell you if they’re gonna like it but I can say it’s not gonna sound like anything that’s out now” says Wolffy. The Can’t Die video has him performing at the iconic Middle East Nightclub directed by SandoFlims. “The feeling of being on stage and rocking a crowd doesn’t get much better” says Wolffy.

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