Harbor Kidz Drop Their Self-titled Debut LP

Harbor Kidz - Harbor Kidz (LP)

Harbor Kidz share their debut album titled “Harbor Kidz.”

Out now is the self-titled debut album from the Harbor Kidz (the new rhyme duo composed of Jamil Honesty and Squeegie O) via Fatbeats (in conjunction with Blackhouse Records and Barsoverbs Records).

Named for the Mariners Harbor Projects in Staten Island, where they met in infancy, Honesty says “any resident of Staten Island with access to the news knows that Mariners Harbor is not to be trifled with.” Much like their namesake the Harbor Kidz represent the lyrical quality and rawness the borough of Shaolin is known for.

The duo also bulked up the tracks with cuts from DJ Grazzhoppa as well as guest features from equally adept spitters including Substance 810, Supreme Cerebral, Josiah The Gift, Sean Links, Nate Almighty, Doza The Drum Dealer and Sickinthehead. Producers on the album include Hobgoblin, Rob Deniro, 88 Blessed, Whiskeyman, JPR Beats, DJ Hoffa, Jam-1, Blaq Knight, Yadigg, Doza The Drum Dealer and from Jamil himself.

While initially neighbors, Honesty relocated to Baltimore in his teens and both artists independently built quite a credible resume in hip-hop while staying true to their dedication to the boom-bap style from their youth in the 90’s. It wasn’t until a recent Squeegie interview with Southern Vangard Radio where hosts Eddie Meeks and DJ Jon Doe put the idea out for the duo to do a whole project together. The result like their home-turf is “not to be trifled with.”

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