Rapper Big Pooh Sees Things Vividly On “To Dream In Color” Album

Rapper Big Pooh - To Dream In Color

Rapper Big Pooh commands your ear on the “To Dream In Color” album.

In the three years since the legendary Hip-Hop duo Little Brother made their lauded surprise comeback in 2019, co-founding member Rapper Big Pooh has kept busy as an artist manager, A&R consultant, and DJ (under the name RPM). With the global pandemic and nationwide shutdown affecting the remaining dates of the May The Lord Watch tour in 2020, Pooh was able to revisit recording ideas and demos for a project he started in 2016.

Those early recordings soon became To Dream In Color, Pooh’s latest full-length solo album, released today (8/22/2022) on all digital streaming platforms via Soulspazm.  Originally intended as the follow-up to his 2015 collaborative album Home Sweet Home with producer Nottz, To Dream In Color is a celebration of Pooh’s nearly 20 year-long run in the industry. A vivid and enthralling showcase of storytelling, the project’s 10 tracks not only chronicle the acclaimed rapper’s journey, but also his maturation as a man.

“‘To Dream In Color’ represents living life. A lot of times we are so focused on goals that we never stop to see all that we’ve accomplished… With this album, my focus was on painting a picture with words. I wanted to essentially create an audio book. My hope is that listeners get a better sense of who I am as a person by actually hearing my story. I speak about lacking confidence, stage fright, swallowing pride, my childhood, and so much more. This is my most personal body of work and it’s some scary shit knowing people are gonna listen, judge, and maybe take something away from it that I didn’t intend. That’s when you know you have made great art, though.” Rapper Big Pooh 

Arriving just two days after May The Lord Watch‘s third anniversary, To Dream In Color features guest vocals from Blakk Soul, +FE Music‘s BeMyFiasco, and more.

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