Mile & Flip Hold No Punches On “No Hard Feelings” Album

Mile & Flip - No Hard Feelings (LP)

Mile & Flip return today with their new album titled “No Hard Feelings.”

Rapper Mile and Producer Flip are breathing new life into the “one rapper, one producer” format, showing that this system often gives the best results. Flip, a veteran among Austria’s producers who is appreciated by boom-bap purists as well as street rap fans, has been in the business since the 1990s. Rapper Mile has recently been in the spotlight with his indie and rap loaded band project SHARKTANK. On their joint album “No Hard Feelings,” the two deliver a timeless yet modern work that stands up to international comparison and oscillates between Hip-Hop, R&B, soul combined with trippy elements.

Many Hip-Hop albums these days exhibit some typical characteristics: they are packed with features and usually include numerous producers on a single track. This assembly-line oriented and algorithm-serving approach has become all too predictable in major label rap. Mile & Flip are less interested in exploiting the system than in bringing tangible Hip Hop culture to the streets. With this tried and tested style and their joint appearance as a classic rap MC duo à la Pete Rock & CL Smooth or Gang Starr.

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Mile’s moody lyrics are sometimes systemic-, sometimes self-critical, deal with hard times and real pain, grievances and pressure from outside, their own inadequacies, insecurities and envy, being a father, growing up and love – always with a pinch of irony, but the feel-good flavor is never completely lost. Mile vividly portrays what it means to grow up as a person of color in Austria, to have to deal with stereotypes and prejudices and to have to fight against them. Mile, who had worked with several producers on individual songs, knew that he wanted to look for a more balanced approach in his next project. For this, only one name came into question for him: Flip – the producer he had been following since his first associations with the Austrian rap scene.

Danceable rhythms, consisting of samples, beat snippets and self-recorded instruments, combined with Mile’s voice floating effortlessly over Flip’s soulful groove – the project springs from a seemingly, deceptively simple recipe, but the musical and thematic ingredients the duo brings to the table achieve a near-perfect blend when combined.

Yoel Molina Law

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