Donte Thomas Releases ‘an APPLE a day’ In Partnership With Skyzoo’s FGR

Donte Thomas Releases 'an APPLE a day' w/ Skyzoo's FGR

JUNE 14, 2024 – Portland-based Hip-Hop artist Donte Thomas proudly releases his highly anticipated new album, “an APPLE a day,” in partnership with Skyzoo’s First Generation Rich (#FGR). This album is now available for streaming across all major platforms, presented by First Generation Rich and Old Soul Music.

“an APPLE a day” stands as a testament to Thomas’s growth as both a craftsman and a chronicler of the human spirit. Featuring collaborations with Chris Patrick, Jaywop, and Gio Genesis, and production from Kaelin Ellis and Quickly, Quickly, the album captures the nuanced dramas of everyday life, turning personal anecdotes into lessons on resilience and authenticity. With a poet’s touch and a philosopher’s insight, Donte Thomas’s music resonates with anyone who’s ever faced a challenge and decided to keep moving forward. This album is a reminder that in the complexity of our lives, there’s always a new day, a new note, a new story to tell.

Donte Thomas, hailing from Portland, Oregon, is a Hip-Hop artist celebrated for his versatile style and profound impact on both the local scene and alternative hip-hop at large. With a career marked by shared stages with stars like Wiz Khalifa and Jack Harlow, his music resonates through its sharp lyricism and relatable themes. Embracing a journey defined by creative independence over traditional paths, Thomas has become a cornerstone in the underground hip-hop community. His continuous evolution and engagement with various artistic projects highlight his dedication to his craft and his role as a pivotal figure in promoting communal support among artists. His music, characterized by its emotional depth and storytelling prowess, garners attention from diverse audiences, establishing him as a standout voice in modern Hip-Hop.

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