Trap Life Crazy – Money Like The 80’s (Hosted by DJ Hoodrich Keem)

Trap Life Crazy debuts on SpitFireHipHop with their “Money Like The 80’s” mixtape hosted by DJ Hoodrich Keem.

T.L.C. is a two-man group consisting of Slimm Body and Yung Blow. Both are street representatives of Nashville, TN. The two have been making music and taking on life as brothers since teenagers while simultaneously engulfed in the street life. After years of doing what was needed dealing with what original trappers do, not what these so-called new trappers have twisted the title to, T.L.C. rose in the ranks of hustlers in middle Tennessee and several states abroad.

This project is filled with all their experiences, grind, & knowledge. Wholesale Ent. presents “T.L.C. – Money Like The 80’s“.  The 15-track project is hosted by DJ Hoodrichkeem and features tracks with artists Million, Tadaa Jackson, and Tino with executive production by Don Drennon accompanied with a bonus track produced by Klassik. Nashville’s hip hop scene has continued to draw attention over the last few years and with releases from artists like Slimm Body and Yung Blow it’s just a matter of time before they claim the city as their own

Trap Life Crazy - Money Like The 80's (Hosted by DJ Hoodrich Keem)

Trap Life Crazy - Money Like The 80's (Hosted by DJ Hoodrich Keem)

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