Jay Da Menace – I Took Yo Beat

Jay Da Menace officially releases the “I Took Yo Beat” mixtape.

If ever there were a legendary figure in classic New Orleans rap, it is Jay Da Menace. Formerly known as “J-Dawg”, he is the founder of Black Menace, one of the most impressive and lyrical groups ever to hit the airwaves. As the former head of Big Boy Records, Jay Da Menace was an integral part of New Orleans’ musical footprint across the globe. Known for phenomenal, classic hits like “Drama Time” and for helping to put Lil Wayne’s neighborhood of Hollygrove on the map, Jay Da Menace continues to pump out hit after hit, with no end in sight.

Currently heading up HITZ Entertainment, LLC, Jay Da Menace has served as mentor to many legendary artists, including the city’s favorite sons, Partners-N-Crime. He is also the father to one of rap’s upcoming superstars, Jay Jones. His company HITZ Media Services is one of the premiere recording studios in the region, serving as the favorite spot for many who travel to and reside in and around New Orleans.

The new mixtape “I Took Yo Beat” is the pre-cursor to “Real Rap“, a double album set for release in March of 2017. The album is highly anticipated from fans and peers alike, and is set to be the first of many projects released under HITZ Entertainment’s new deal signed through XLP Distribution. “I Took Yo Beat” was released to showcase Jay Da Menace’s highly impressive lyrical skills. It is expected to drum up much support leading up to the release of “Real Rap”. “I Took Yo Beat” will be available later on 24K Mixtapes.

Jay Da Menace - I Took Yo Beat

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