Echo Releases New “EchoisthenameTV Season 7” Mixtape

Echo - EchoisthenameTV Season 7 Mixtape

Echo is back with his new “EchoisthenameTV Season 7” mixtape.

Echo continues to pound out mixtape after mixtape, along with singles and a bunch of videos. He has a goal he wants to accomplish and with his work ethic, we are sure he will reach it. Leading up to the release of this mixtape he released “Kemet

Echo gets very personal on “OMG Remember?” explaining his upbringing. It started easy for Echo then he started playing the streets, and embarrassing his mother. He tells his team he will be back for them after he makes it. On “Fuck All Y’all” Echo goes at the blogs for charging independent artists for pro pays. Press play on the “EchoisthenameTV Season 7” mixtape below.

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