Music Submission Guidelines

We can’t wait to hear your music!
But more than that — We can’t wait to hear your music on Spit Fire Radio!Top-8-Singles-February-21-–-February-27

All music must be submitted to to be considered for radio air play. All submissions should include two versions of the song, one edited and the other unedited.

There are some rules, and ultimately we will decide if your music fits our format closely enough to make it on the air. Please understand though we do not judge your music and if you are not selected for airplay on Spit Fire Radio, it doesn’t mean we don’t like your music – we love all music! But we do have a format we’re sticking to. Please keep our format (Hip Hop) in mind when you submit music to Spit Fire Radio. We will bend as best we can to get you on the air if at all possible.

When submitting tracks to Spit Fire Radio the most important thing is setting your ID3 tags. This is necessary so we can track plays and so our radio player shows the song title and the artist when a song is playing. You should also include the album cover art that will appear on our radio player, and on our website. If you don’t have cover art, you can include any photo to be display while it’s played on our station. Please see the ID3 example below.

ID3 (Format)

Artist: Spit Fire ft. Spit Fire Hip Hop

Track: Hottest Music Ever & track description

Album:Spit Fire Volume I

Label: Fire Music Group

Please Understand
Your music submission to Spit Fire Radio does not guarantee airplay on the station, and we cannot return music received here at the Spit Fire Radio.

Your music submission carries with it your implicit permission to air the tracks we select on Spit Fire Radio as well as your authority to grant such permission. If you have restrictions on which tracks we may or may not play, you must CLEARLY communicate that information to us along with your submission, or anytime thereafter. Your only recourse is if we select tracks for airplay that you do not wish played on Spit Fire Radio is to inform us you would like your track(s) pulled from the playlist, and we will promptly comply.

***The same format should be followed for music features on our website.***