Dumplings ̩n China РOverall Gawd

Dumplings én China releases a new record titled “Overall Gawd”.

On New Years Eve Dumplings got caught in the sack with a shorty. This is what he said happen “Chick called herself Mother Magnesia……..or something like that. Sex was gnars but I slipped up and forgot to bring a conny.”

“Couple days later, I get a call with her saying “Petty I’m late” and a few days after that, she’s like “Heeeeeee’s here”. Dumplings asked her, “Damn, how you have a baby that fast and she’s like – you know you know and I’m like, nah, I don’t. Press play and listen to “Overall Gawd” and he will explain the rest.

Dumplings én China - Overall Gawd

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