Dynamics Plus – Grace Notes

This is the first post for Dynamics Plus on SpitFireHipHop.

Long Island, N.Y. rapper/producer Dynamics Plus drops off “Grace Notes”, the self-produced single from Rocket Science, his new album featuring Anthony Michael Angelo, Nae B and Shea Doll. Dynamics Plus made his debut on compilations such as Mood Swings 9 featuring Buck 65, and The Persecution of Hip Hop, which featured Cannibal Ox.

His first solo release was Run From The Fallout and was followed up in 2005 with Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude. Story-based projects followed with the release of C.H.A.O.S. Legionand Battlestrux Year One: Captain Of A Starship. Regarding “Grace Notes”, Dynamics describes it as “not your usual rhyme or punchline. One rapper goes in and another comes out. He spits and splits in two, literally.” Regarding Rocket Science he says “I wanted a new entry point. I’ve been around for a while, bubbling just below the surface and needed the kind of album that can introduce my sound and approach to rap music. It’s different. I’m different. I’m old, I’m new, I’m something that’s been here and hasn’t arrived yet.”

Dynamics Plus - Grace Notes

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