Donovan – Stars |prod. by Manny Davison|

Donovan is back with new music, “Stars” |prod. by Manny Davison|

“Stars” is the new Manny Davison produced track from Donovan. The newcomer from Maryland celebrates his 21st birthday and kicks off a new music campaign releasing a new song “Stars”. Lyrics can be found in the song description. New music coming every week for the next couple months
Donovan - Stars |prod. by Manny Davison|

Track lyrics:

Verse 1:
It’s easy doing what you love when your loved for it
And when you getting paid dubs for it
The feelings Different when you doing shit for free
Specially when you got a view on things that don’t nobody see
But I ain’t finna sit and hope that somebody gon notice me
I’m tryna be the man that every city
Know to come see
I’ll Show the people that we equal
Crowds jumping like Knievel
Drop a tape and in hour they’ll be begging for a sequel
That’s when the real test start, if they ain’t hitting play, then you gon fade into the dark
This life is heartless
And it don’t give a fuck about yo conscious
And don’t nobody else gotta count up all ya losses
Exhausting all my efforts til I’m left without one
Imma hustle til i know that they could never doubt none
you gotta make your own decisions when they come
but What’s life when you know you ain’t living the right one

You ain’t that far nigga
Just quit the talking, let the work show these people who you are nigga
I know they say they got a grind but it ain’t like ours nigga!
Cuz a nigga say he shooting don’t mean that he a star nigga
Only the real ones grinding when the sun stops shining

Cuz a star shines brightest when lights get low x3
Always working fast paced even when the money slow

I Need It more than I want it
I swear I’m coming up on it

Won’t stop me until they drop me
I feel it all thru my body

Verse 2:
Don’t be mistaken though
Cuz I ain’t waiting for nothing
I’m making moves to the money, you can have your assumptions
But if wasn’t seeing rapping as a route to get these decimals
I’m confident that I could find some other means to make it thru
But this guallas all seeing thru my Retinals
Nigga got the shine make ya find ya sun spectacles
Tryna help develop minds of these vegetables
That Eat up catchy hooks like Colorado edibles
Cuz I know several niggas who really grinding for this rap shit
And hide they talent just to make some trap shit
Cuz nowadays that’s what y’all niggas listen to
Even if what that nigga sayin isnt true
They ain’t tryna hear me do what It do with all my crew
Cook the beat, Lay the verses, mix and mastering em to
But uh
They gon get it when millis coming thru
It’s all cool, we just working like it’s something to do


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