Bizzy Crook – Supposed To Be My Dog

Bizzy Crook drops another new single titled “Supposed To Be My Dog”.

The latest from Bizzy Crook is “Suppose To Be My Dog.” Bizzy Crook tells the story of someone he once thought was he friend. We are not sure who this track is in reference too but maybe the photo lends a hint. Take a listen and leave a message below.

Bizzy Crook - Supposed To Be My Dog


  1. Man, Bizzy has been busy lately, but of the three songs that he’s hit us with I’m feeling Suppose To Be My Dog the most.
    Laid down over a light piano line, Bizzy’s lyrics are hard hitting and great. You can feel the anger and pain in his voice. It makes you wonder who screwed him over… and why Meek Mill is in the cover art??? Interesting.

  2. This type of track is pretty familiar. Dude raps about another dude he used to be down with. That other dude does something to f**k everything up. Familiar right?
    But Bizzy’s flow in this one is tight, and he does come out of the gate with emotion so you definitely feel what he went through.