Colly C ft. Roszone – Knock Em Out The Box |prod. by E-Train|

Colly C debuts on SpitFireHipHop with “Knock Em Out The Box”.

Boston rapper Colly C presents “Knock Em Out The Box”, his new single featuring vocals from San Francisco vocalist Roszone. A rap ode to baseball, “Knock Em Out The Box” is produced by E-Train, a San Francisco-based producer whose 2012 album On Solid Ground featured Talib Kweli and Keith Murray.

Colly says of the track: “After making the beat, I knew right away that Colly’s style would be a good fit,” E-Train says about the track. “I sent it to him and immediately he was all in. Soon after that, I wrote a hook for the track but needed the right voice. It just so happened that Roszone was coming into the studio that night. I asked her to try it out and then I knew we had the final piece.”

Colly C ft. Roszone - Knock Em Out The Box

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