Breeze Embalm – Coin A Phrase For Change

Breeze Embalm is back with this new track titled “Coin A Phrase For Change”.

After winning the John Lennon songwriting contest for his debut EP, The Ceremony Of Nadir, and after rocking the stages at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival and Red Bull Soundstage, the Bronx’s Breeze Embalm will release his debut album, Embalming Fluid, this summer.

After sharing his Blu assisted track, “Bread Whinners,” Breeze returns today with his third single “Coin A Phrase For Change.”

Breeze states “living in New York you have to make a daily decision on whether, or not, you want to give that homeless person your spare change? Sometimes that decision is a complex one. In this new cut I explore both sides of the Coin.”

Breeze Embalm - Coin A Phrase For Change

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