Nametag Alexander – Paper

Nametag Alexander drops off the single titled “Paper”.

Detroit’s hip-hop scene has a storied history and a bright future, and Nametag has one foot in each place. His career origins include records alongside hometown legends like Slum Village and Black Milk while his solo efforts have earned him a rep around the country as one of the city’s brightest up and coming voices. After calling various areas of Detroit home, he’s the perfect storyteller to narrate the city’s ins and outs.  

Tag grew up in Detroit’s east, west, and north sides, constantly moving around with his mother to avoid repercussions of his father’s drug addiction. He dealt with the struggles and nomadic lifestyle by burying himself into his notebook, penning lyrics about his experiences and drawing inspiration from legends like Rakim. He quickly became the latest member of a family chockfull of R&B and gospel vocalists, rhyming with his friends and relatives.

Now, Nametag presents his new maxi single titled “Paper” produced by Virginia native, JR Swiftz and mixed by Detroit radio legend, DJ DDT. “Paper” is a single that, in a clever way, aims at understanding the value of money as it pertains to not only the present, but our futures as well.

Nametag Alexander - Paper

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