Mitch L. Hennessy – Pour It Down

Mitch L. Hennessy debuts on SpitFireHipHop with “Pour It Down”.

Ask yourself, when’s the last time you’ve heard one of those feel good summertime records Hip Hop was known for crankin’ out every time the weather decided to turn it up on the humid side of things? On “Pour It Down“, Mitch L. Hennessy takes a refreshing R&B grooved out track by Germany’s Dichter2Productions and decides to go back in time and use the simple moments of his childhood as the backdrop to create what he confidently calls, “the cookout anthem of the year”.

Going back to a time where the little meant so much, he urges the listener to focus more on the happiness in our lives than we do our anguish. Definitely a record you haven’t heard in a while and a much needed one to boot.

Mitch L. Hennessy - Pour It Down

Yoel Molina Law

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