Torii Wolf ft. Rapsody – Shadows Crawl (Open Eyes DJ Premier Remix)

Torii Wolf connects with Rapsody on this DJ Premier Open Eyes remix.

While Premier has previously collaborated with iconic female artists, in none of the aforementioned examples has the iconic producer/DJ produced the entirety of one of their projects. With a resume like Premier’s, it takes a lot to get his attention—and perhaps more importantly his respect. “Shadows Crawl” inception has quite an interesting backdrop and it was the last track recorded for Flow Riiot; as it was the only track Preemo did not specifically create for Torii, the track was initially sent to Yuna who ended up picking another demo from Premier (that demo would later resurface as “Places To Go,” which was the lead-single from Yuna’s latest album).

Real DJ’s do real things and just as he did with Torii’s first single, the aptly-titled “1st,” by getting Dilated Peoples to hop on the remix, he and Torii have tapped another fast-rising star in Jamla/Roc Nation’s Rapsody for a remix of “Shadows Crawl.” “I felt Rapsody fit the picture perfectly” DJ Premier relayed to Pigeons & Planes.  “Of course to make it complete, I threw in some scratches in the intro for the underground DJ’s so we always have that representation.”

Torii Wolf ft. Rapsody - Shadows Crawl (Open Eyes DJ Premier Remix)

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