Druskii Dru – Savage

Druskii Dru debuts on SpitFireHipHop with his new single called “Savage”.

After the highly anticipated and triumphant “On Mamas” produced by The Mekanics, Druskii Dru fans can wait no more. Druskii Dru delivers his new release “Savage”. Gearing up for his upcoming LP “Beautiful Lie” Druskii Dru starts off with a rhythmic and engaging tone. Immediately, “Savage” has you feeling compelled to listen to it.

Hearing “Savage“, Druskii Dru provides an expressive yet raw vocal performance. The chorus is impressive and gives the listener conviction, making it very engaging. The song is definitely creative, extremely good & showcases Druskii Dru’s talent and reasoning for being one of today’s top independent unsigned artists, awhile having an influence amongst mainstream artists.

Druskii Dru - Savage

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