Pressure Dommer – Mula

Pressure Dommer debuts on SpitFireHipHop with “Mula”.

Pressure Dommer is no stranger when it comes to getting after the money. His latest single “Mula” is a true testament to that fact. Over strong production from PITTMANE the rapper uses his slick style to create a song that is sure to be a club banger.

Standing at a formidable 6’9, Pressure Dommer is an imposing figure who is ready to leave his mark musically. Born and raised in the city of Orlando, Pressure grew up constantly working against the labels of society. From sports to music, he relentlessly pushes past limitations and captures the true essence of what it means to make something out of nothing. He aims to prove every day that flowers do grow from concrete.

Inspired most by Tupac and his beloved grandmother, each lyric from Pressure is laced with purpose and love. It’s this attention to the craft that separates the one-hit wonders from the greats and also what separates Pressure Dommer from the rest. He’s got a message for the people and it’s one you can vibe to, persistence beats resistance. This is what he had to do, and it’s for you.

Pressure Dommer - Mula

Yoel Molina Law

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