AB – Share No Man (prod. by Breezy Beats)

AB debuts on SpitFireHipHop with her new single, ‘Share No Man’.

AB will get you in the mood for some dancing, and some loving. She is fun, freaky, faithful and bold. Her voice is unapologetic, and her attitude is not to be f*cked with. Coming from Dominican descendants, AB was born and raised in Connecticut but left after her first year in college and transferred to City College of New York in order pursue her dreams in the music industry. She graduated with B.A. in English and a minor in Psychology, along with studying various art mediums. After interning at Power 105.1, she began working for DJ Self as his personal assistant where she grew to manage Gwinin Apparel and the Gwinin Entertainment recording studio.

AB’s first single, ‘Share No Man‘ expresses a faithfully freaky wifey telling another female that she never shared a man because there’s no competition. “I take the D all for me, don’t give a F baby boy know I’m a G. I ain’t ever been a tease, I always been a freak. I keep it low key cause I’m extra unique.” Throughout the song AB shares facts as to why no other woman can compete to her, or take her man because he knows what he has is worth the keep.

AB - Share No Man (prod. by Breezy Beats)

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