Gensu Dean & Wise Intelligent – Announce New Album & New Single ‘Amen’

Gensu Dean connects with Wise Intelligent for this new ‘Amen’ single.

Gensu Dean and Hip Hop legend Wise Intelligent announce their upcoming record Game of Death along with the first single ‘Amen.’

Gensu Dean‘s beat is patently breakneck, utilizing his premier pedigree to draw listeners into the haunting world of mirrors and deceptions. This is a soundtrack for those not on the devil’s payroll, a true Hip Hop soundtrack.

Before Alex Jones muddied the conspiracy waters with false outrage and misinformation, there were plenty of real life conspiracies being perpetrated upon Americans – from Tuskegee to the War on Drugs. From the start, Poor Righteous Teachers‘ frontman Wise Intelligent has been dropping knowledge and waking the living dead.

The first single, ‘Amen,’ breaks down not only who is God, but reveals the devil in American society.  Wise Intelligent unearths jewels that can radicalize, from Prescott Bush’s early support of the American Birth Control League and his links to Nazi Eugenics to the simple red lining of neighborhoods for school shutdowns and prison build-ups. But as Wise explains, “this shit deeper than lyrics.”

Gensu Dean & Wise Intelligent - Amen

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