Spoda a.k.a. Mr.DopeFlow – Who Shot Ya? (Freestyle)

Spoda a.k.a. Mr.DopeFlow - Who Shot Ya? Freestyle

Spoda a.k.a. Mr.DopeFlow wants to know ‘Who Shot Ya?’ with his latest freestyle.

Spoda a.k.a. Mr.Dopeflow began rapping at age 13 and would rap with no beat, but just a rhythm in his head. However, Spoda didn’t begin to take rapping seriously until high school.

Fast forward to now and Spoda a.k.a. Mr.Dopeflow seems to have found his position. Last month he released another freestyle where his used Jay Z’s ‘Threats’ instrumental. It is not difficult to know when an artist takes his craft seriously and Spoda is definitely one.

For his latest freestyle he releases the ‘Who Shot Ya?‘. Not many can handle this track so let us know what you think of Spoda on this track.

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