Kalan.FrFr x Damar Jackson – Love Song

Kalan.FrFr x Damar Jackson - Love Song

Kalan.FrFr and Damar Jackson drop off the new single, ‘Love Song’.

This Compton and Louisiana collaboration is undeniably a hit. The ladies have begun creating their Instagram videos singing along to this catch hooky which features both Kalan and Damar.

Damar pulled up to the studio we started listening to a few beats and we was like this the one. We started going through melodies and the vibe was just there. We went back and forth on that hook it start reminding me of that Jamie Foxx episode when they was singing “plain white rice”, naw but in all seriousness Damar a great artist I’m progressing over time it wasn’t no pissing contest we just went in there and knocked out a banger. -Kalan.FrFr

I knew the song was gonna be something special because this was a real collaboration, where two artist create together in the studio and not email. Everything that happened was priceless because music is a moment and was took advantage of it and created Love Song. -Damar Jackson

Listen to the single below and let us know what you think.

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