CHASELAVISH debuts on SpitFireHipHop with his debut single, ‘Nostalgia’.

CHASELAVISH is constantly on the move. Having lived across America and the Dominican Republic, he has never been tied down to one place, and his diverse sound reflects that.

Drawing influences from R&B, Pop, Rap and House, his debut single, “Nostalgia,” represents Lavish’s ability to shine anywhere. Produced, sung, and rapped by Chase, this single showcases the star power, and diversity, he possesses. But on the flip side, being in wanderlust comes with a price.

“Nostalgia” tells the story of a celebrity’s battle with maintaining a relationship as he moves into stardom. “The song’s about a superstar needing to take time to focus on his dreams. With that time comes effort, and with no effort, our love life is dwindling. The song is about realizing what you have before it’s too late, and telling her “I’m still here.’” says Chase.

Yoel Molina Law

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