Base AuraGammi x Quizzy Quo “Know Daat” Single

Base Auragammi, one of NY’s hottest artists, links with Quizzy Quo for “Know Daat”, a summer track brimming with good vibes and a vibrant flow.

What better way to celebrate a come up than blazing up the stage and treating the ladies to a night of sparkling bubbly. Just ‘know daat’ Base will have the New York night life popping, ‘fellas grinding, and the ladies dripping. Stream “Know Daat” below.

About Base Auragammi

Base AuraGammi represents Harlem and Bronx, but all boroughs big up the young artist’s flow and captivating lyrics. He is most recognized by This Is 50, Hot97, Coast to Coast, and Desert Storm Radio.  His most celebrated performances thus far in his career have been at Webster Hall, Club Paradise, and BET Awards Weekend.  Under his label, AuraGammi Music, Base has released countless EP’s, singles, and freestyles, as well as collaborations with Freeway, Tony Sunshine, and Constantine just to name a few. 

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