DillanPonders – RACKS

DillanPonders is back with his new single titled ‘RACKS’.

DillanPonders has had one thing on his mind lately, the same thing that’s scratching you in the back of your mind each day. You might think of it as a credit card bill, bank account statement, maybe the cash in your mattress or the vacation you’re trying to plan. For Ponders, it comes in one form: ‘RACKS’.

The first single off his upcoming KNOWHERE EP, ‘RACKS’ is an ode to what DillanPonders is owed. But it’s not about stunting, dropping advances on jewelry and cars, or popping bottles in the club. For Ponders, it’s about his business, and it’s about his family. Hit the stage, get a rack, share the wealth — that’s the Ponders equation.

Over the Alex Parham produced beat, Ponders continues to show his songwriting evolution in 2019, with a melodic hook that builds off stellar efforts from earlier this year like ‘Tango Town’ and ‘Stressin Me’. He really comes alive in the second verse, playing with his vocal timbre and range to create the sensation of voices coming at you from all angles.

On ‘RACKS’, Ponders proves that he’s worth than money, and sets himself up for a hot summer, which will feature a new single each month from the rising rapper alongside a few special guests!

Yoel Molina Law

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